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Dear Reader

Welcome to the Oban House Autumn Newsletter

Autumn officially starts on Wednesday 23 rd September and ends on Monday 21st December

So summer, with sunshine, storms and rain has ended and hopefully Autumn will be kinder.

The results of the sunflower completion have been quite staggering!

Pauline M won, as Pauline’s, sunflower reached 9 foot 11 inches

with Pauline C sunflower growing to 7 foot 8 inches….

Well done can’t quite believe how tall they grew.



The summer quiz and raffle was also a great success as everyone commented how much they had enjoyed the afternoon especially the cream tea.

Jean has returned from her trip from Lourdes and had a wonderful time especially meeting old friends .Jean has some lovely photos of her trip and this is just one of them. Jean is already planning to go again next year.


Thank you all and your relatives for participating in our yearly review


Key worker

As you are aware staff have been allocated to be your key worker. To ensure that you each receive individual time, with your key worker, I have allocated 11 15 am to 12 15pm for them to spend this time with you.

I have requested that staff will be allocated this time and it will be forward planned in the staff diary .Staff will ensure that you are aware of the day and time so you may decide ,if you are in agreement , with this time.


Sam will be asking you for your choices for the Autumn menu so that our chef can include them in our menu planning.


I have allocated staff to either do individual or group activities, of your choice, from 2 15pm to 3 15pm so please share your wishes with us as we are carrying out a questionnaire to ensure we are aware of your choices..As the summer quiz and raffle was such an enjoyable time we will be holding an Autumn themed one during early November,so ideas please .


Lilla is leaving Oban House to pursue a career in Physiotherapy and we wish Lilla every success and thank her for all her kindness, care and support over the past 4 years.

Staff continue to attend various courses and in house training.

May I say thank you for continuing to welcome residents who come and stay with us for a short holiday .All have commented on how much they enjoyed their stay. We have also welcomed a new resident, who is very pleased that an ex neighbour of hers lives here, and has enabled her to settle in. Especially heart warming were the comments of a representative from St.Richards Hospital ,having been shown around Oban House, commented ‘ What a lovely home ,with such a friendly, family feel ,you certainly are practicing person centered care ‘.

Our next newsletter is December so ideas for inclusion warmly accepted. Eve

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