Summer Newsletter


Summer Newsletter

Dear Reader

Welcome to Oban House Summer Newsletter


Shake it into Summer!

With warmer weather upon us it’s time to remember to drink plenty and ensure you are protected from the sun.
If you enjoy a milk shake ,and are able to within your diet ,then we are shaking it up by offering a variety of cold milk shakes with chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry flavours to choose from. We also have a variety of cold drinks, which reflect your choices, however please let us know if there are any others you may like. Sam is currently taking note of your favourite dishes to be incorporated into your summer menu

Oban House Garden

We hope that you and your friends and family enjoy being in the garden. We have purchased new garden furniture and the garden is looking lovely.

As well as purchasing new garden furniture we have painted the fire escape and repainted the external walls. David continues to enjoy gardening, with support from his son, so the view from the dining room into the garden is appreciated by all.

The competition for who has grown the largest sunflower is progressing as there is a lot of growth since you planted them so watch this space.


At the end of July we will be holding our summer quiz and raffle followed by a strawberry tea, as requested, by those who were here last year.

John Beaver continues to visit, with his accordion, as you have told us, how much you enjoy his visits and singing along with the music.
Lilla and Andrea are holding art sessions so please join in as we have plenty of paint crayons and paper.

As the weather appears to have improved we are escorting, those who wish to go, to the sea front and Marine Park Gardens so please let staff know if you wish to join in, they will of course ask you as well.

In July Jean is going on her pilgrimage to Lourdes and we wish her an enjoyable time.

Please let us know of any suggestions you may have for enjoying leisure time.

In the Spring newsletter I explained that we must ensure that we meet the fundamental standards of care and which we must never fail.

It is important that we continue to offer personalised care, listen to you and respond to your individual needs and choices so please continue to air your views, suggestions and concerns.

I have amended the format for your care plan and have requested staff, to meet with you, on an individual basis, so that we truly reflect your choices and they are communicated to all involved in your care.


We welcome three new members of staff Nicky, Laura and Michelle. Staff continue to go on courses and two staff are taking NVQ 3 in Health and Social Care .

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for making people, who are coming in for holidays, so very welcome
Family members have commented that their relatives had settled in so well and. everyone was kind and friendly, so thank you very much.
Our next newsletter is Autumn and I will be happy to include any contributions.

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